How to differentiate between designers?

Creating a website is a journey rather than a destination. When selecting a designer, you are selecting an IT professional, much like an investment broker or banker who takes the time to understand your current and future needs. Selecting a designer is also a long term commitment and you have to ensure that the designers are available a few months later when you need them again.

Sadly, many websites become irrelevant when the information becomes obsolete as many website designers do not stay on the project for long. We are in it for the long term.

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How much is it to create a website?

Setting up a website is like building a house or making renovations. It is not possible to just give an absolute price. A quote can only be provided once we have discussed your needs in detail. If a designer can give you an absolute price without a proper evaluation of your needs, something is fishy!

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Can I start small?

Yes, in fact we encourage this as it helps the client chart their direction especially if it is a new business. Matured business may already know what they need and may be better off scoping the whole project at one go. We welcome both approaches.

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Should I get website hosting and domain registration with a hosting company?

We are authorised to register domain names, i.e. we have the same authority as a website company to register domain names. We are also a neutral party that can evaluate website hosting from a panel of reputable international hosting companies, depending on your needs and where your key clients are. Hosting companies will only insist on their website servers.

Also, unlike a hosting company, we can help you manage the technical aspects of your website as part of our management service. If you are already a technical person, you can also do it on your own at our DIY rates and benefit from the services of an on-call website designer should you need one. All passwords will be handed to you so we never hold our clients at ransom and forcing them to engage our services! We play fair!

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Can I choose to make changes to my website on my own?

Yes you may! We can install control panels based on your needs so that you will always have the freedom to make changes whenever the inspiration bug hits you! We are always available should you need assitance.

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Are there hidden costs or annual fees?

There are no hidden costs as all costs are highlighted in our quote to you, unless of course you add new features or make changes to your original plans. There are annual fees to maintain your domain name and website hosting. These are computer servers that keep your website up-and-running. We will tell you the annual fees upfront in our quote.

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What is the first step?

We encourage clients to draft a plan as client is the main driver of the project. Our role is to provide advice, technical skills and access to a variety of services. You may also contact us for guidance on drafting the plan or advice on writing your content.

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